How Long Does Bio-Ethanol Fire Last?

When considering options for heating your home, you may well wonder how long you can expect your stove or fireplace of choice to keep burning. There are several factors that can determine the burning time.


Variables For Burning Time


The following variables will influence how long your ethanol fireplace will burn.

  • The fireplace model itself
  • The particular fuel used
  • Draught potential in the room

The fireplace itself, including the size of the model, fuel tank, and flame produced, will have the most impact on how long your fire will last. Most ethanol fireplaces are designed to burn for four to six hours.

Fuel choices, which determine the speed at which a fire burns, will change the length of burning time as well. Fuel with higher flammability will burn faster, and the fire will go out sooner.

The final variable to how long your ethanol fireplace will keep burning is the draft potential in the room where your fireplace is installed. The more airflow in a room, the more fuel the fire will consume.


Average Fireplace Burning Times


Most standard, hole-in-the-wall ethanol fireplaces will keep a fire going for four to six hours. This standard is maintained because most homeowners require up to four hours, and any time longer than six hours tends to be too long.

Freestanding ethanol units are the exception. These models have smaller fuel tanks, holding only around half a liter of fuel. These burn for between two and six hours.


Specific Fireplace Models


Although the four to six-hour rule is fairly standard, different makes of fireplaces will vary on burning time and fuel consumption. Here are some details on specific fireplace models to give you an idea of the range of burning times, and how individual units will differ.


  • Gaya – 2.3 liters – min 6 hours
  • Riviera – 2 liters – min 5 hours
  • Curva – 2 liters – min 4 hours
  • Carré – 2 liters – min 4 hours



  • Zeta (BK5) – 5 liters – min 4 hours
  • Fusion (BK2) – 2 liters – min 3 hours
  • Citi (XS340) – 2.5 liters – min 4 hours
  • Ghost (AB3) – 2.5 liters – min 6 hours


Why Do Some Brands Burn Longer?


There are several factors that will allow certain models to burn longer than others. Some fireplace brands, for instance, offer features like the reduction of the flame size.

When you reduce the flame size, the fireplace will burn at a lower temperature, which will, in turn, make the fire last longer. Simple but effective.

A lot of fireplaces do come with this feature, though there are exceptions. Another thing to consider is the fuel itself. While your fireplace model will list a maximum burning time, you may have more or less luck with this specification depending on what fuel you choose. Some fuels may extend the burning time to eight or nine hours.


Now that you have a general idea of how long your bioethanol fireplace will burn, it’s good to review the factors that will influence the burring time, based on the brand and model:

  • How long the unit is designed to burn
  • The size of the fuel tank
  • Whether or not you can reduce the flame
  • The specific type and brand of fuel
  • How much draft is in the room


How long does the ethanol fireplaces burn?


Generally, from most brands you will get about 6-7 hours maximum burning time where the average minimum is a little over 4 hours on a full tank.

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