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Types of Garage Door

Whether you are renovating, improving protection or just upgrading your curb appeal, the right garage door can be a key part of your home’s aesthetic.

Garage Door

A steel counterbalance system utilizes springs that stretch and contract, lifting the door through a series of pulleys. Regular inspection, maintenance and professional adjustment/replacement of springs prevent accidents and damage. Contact Patriot Garage Door for professional help.

As the name suggests, an overhead garage door is one that moves up and over a garage opening, either manually or automatically. The doors are typically made up of different sections that are held together by hinges and a rail track system. Some models use an extension spring counterbalance system, while others have a shaft-mounted torsion system. The doors may be insulated to provide added thermal protection and energy savings.

Residential overhead garage doors are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, to suit most design needs and functional requirements. They include aluminum, wood, and insulated or non-insulated sectional doors. Some models also feature stylish windows in one or more of the sections. The company offers a range of automatic operating systems in belt, chain, and screw-drive options.

The company specializes in the sale, service, and installation of commercial and residential overhead doors and dock equipment. It has been in business since 1969, and serves the metropolitan area of New York City and the Suffolk and Nassau counties of Long Island. It also operates a showroom for customers to view and try out different types of doors and hardware.

In addition to residential overhead garage doors, the company also carries a range of commercial doors that are used in a variety of applications. These doors are designed to withstand heavy-duty and high-traffic usage, and they come in a variety of colors and finishes to complement any interior or exterior design. The company offers an online interactive software tool that allows customers to view a virtual image of their new garage door, and the company’s customer service representatives are available to answer any questions.

Choosing the right garage door can be complicated, and there are many factors to consider, including durability, maintenance, security, and installation costs. Fortunately, there are several companies that can help you make the best choice for your property and budget. Whether you are looking for an overhead coiling door or an overhead sectional door, it is important to research the available options to find the one that will fit your needs.

Sectional Door

Sectional garage doors are made up of horizontal panels that hinge together and move vertically on tracks to rest parallel with the ceiling. They offer a more modern look and require less space in front and above the door. They are available in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes. You can even add windows, designer elements and lighting to suit your home and business. The operation of a sectional door is smooth and puts very little strain on the mechanism, which gives them a much longer lifespan than single panel doors.

They don’t require the same level of clearance as other types of garage doors, which makes them ideal for tight spaces or odd shaped openings. They are also easy to maintain, and only need a small amount of lubrication each year. They can be fitted with a variety of locking mechanisms, and can have security features installed to help keep intruders out.

A sectional door can have between three and eight sections, each of which moves up into a track mounted millimetres below the roof of the garage. Each section is fitted with polystyrene or polyurethane insulation foams of up to 50mm thick, which helps increase energy efficiency and reduce noise. This is an ideal garage door for commercial or domestic properties.

Its insulated construction also offers good levels of protection from rain, wind and dust, which is ideal for warehouses, fire stations, service stations, garages, showrooms, car washes and restaurants. It also has the added benefit of heightened security, as each panel is connected to the track via its own set of hinges and doesn’t have any obvious point of access for intruders.

While rolling steel doors are still the most popular type of commercial door, there is a growing demand for sectional doors in industrial settings as well as some residential applications. These doors are ideal for high-usage areas, as they can withstand heavy usage and still function well when there are frequent deliveries or peak cycle times. They are also easy to operate and have a clean, contemporary appearance.

Roller Door

One of the most commonly used types of garage doors is the roller door which can be either manual or electric operated. They are durable and practical access solutions that are ideal for residential or commercial applications and protect the area from weather, draughts and vandalism. They are available in a huge range of sizes and specifications and can be made to a specific bespoke design if required.

They are simple in operation and if electrically driven can be fitted with a standard 24V motor system. They operate on a roller system that fits externally at the end of the drum which rolls up and down the steel curtain. These motors are also able to incorporate built in safety features such as a light sensing system that can sense and automatically reverse the door if it is obstructed by an object.

As a standalone solution, they are very affordable and are perfect for smaller areas with less space as they do not require the installation of tracks on your garage ceiling. They ascend vertically into a compact drum, eliminating the need for cumbersome track and hinge systems that encroach upon overhead space. This streamlined operation is what makes them particularly suitable for smaller spaces and their customisable nature is what allows them to blend seamlessly with diverse architectural styles and aesthetic preferences.

Like their sectional counterparts, they are able to withstand wind pressure and are designed to be secured within the door frame which is composed of two upright door jambs and a door header. They can be installed with a variety of decorative hardware accessories including decorative handles, hinges and lock casings. They are also available in a wide range of colours and finishes to match any design specification. They are usually fitted with a brush, draught excluder or pile seal to help prevent cold drafts, dust and pests entering the garage. They are also able to be lubricated regularly to ensure they are smooth and quiet in operation. Lastly they can be fitted with an interlocking safety sensor system to provide added peace of mind that the door is not inadvertently activated when a vehicle or person passes in front of it.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors are great for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, letting in gorgeous views and natural light. They can also help you maximize storage space without taking up valuable floor area in your living room. However, it is important to balance your desire for open spaces with practical considerations, such as how much wall space is available and structural changes that may be necessary.

To ensure your sliding door works properly, it’s crucial to choose a high-quality frame and durable materials. Look for frames that are resistant to rust and corrosion. These can withstand harsh weather conditions and minimize maintenance requirements. Similarly, tempered safety glass is an excellent choice for your sliding door. It is safer than standard float glass because it doesn’t shatter into sharp chunks when it breaks, but instead shatters into small pebble-like pieces that are less likely to hurt people or pets.

During the course of their lifespan, sliding doors are pushed back and forth thousands of times. This puts a lot of stress on the moving parts, including the track and door. Look for a system that is designed and engineered from the ground up to move with ease. For example, a raumplus sliding door with an integrated gliding door brake lets the door glide smoothly into its final position. This makes it easier to operate, and the smooth movement is gentler on the door material and hardware.

Sliding door systems come in a variety of styles to suit any home’s aesthetic. One popular option is the bi-parting system, which features two door slabs that slide on each side of the track and can be opened by sliding toward each other or separated to allow for more opening space. This is a great option for homes that require a semipermanent separation such as Japanese-style rooms or Washitsu, which are specialized forms of sliding doors used in themed or modern restaurants and apartments.

No matter which type of sliding door you choose, you can improve your garage and household convenience with a wide selection of accessories and smart technology. Choose a remote that suits your lifestyle and connects to your smartphone so you can control your door remotely. Consider smart garage door sensors to detect objects in the way and prevent the door from closing on them. Look for models with rolling code technology to protect your privacy and keep intruders from intercepting your code.